City Parks

Maintenance of Moffat Mark is the responsibility of Johannesburg City Parks

We request that Johannesburg City Parks
  • Stop the sale of Moffat Park to CalgroM3
  • Stop the rezoning and housing development of Moffat Park
  • Clean up invasive plant species in Moffat Park
  • Secure Moffat Park
for the enjoyment and health of all Johannesburg Residents.

Imagine living in a city with...
A natural park, combating the harmful side-effects of environmental degradation, giving the city lungs, and creating beautiful, healthy spaces for residents to enjoy.

You don't have to Imagine - Johannesburg has such a place - save Moffat Park

Why is Johannesburg City Parks not interested in preserving Moffat Park?
Send your comments to:

Chris Fuzile Vondo, the mayoral committee member for community development and environment, is responsible for overseeing City Parks
Tell: 011 407 6719 Fax: 011 339 1549 Email:

And send comments to Johannesburg City Parks:
  • Bulumko Nelana MANAGING DIRECTOR 
  • Mr Geoffrey Cooke - Operations Executive Tel: (011) 712 6768 Fax: 086 580 2056 Email:
  • Mr Fouch Fouchè Marketing and Communications Executive Tel: (011) 712 6789 Fax: 086 550 8803 Email:
  • Mr Rees Clements Chief Financial Officer Tel: (011) 712 6609 Fax: (011) 712 6790 Email:
  • John Kruger from City Parks on 011 202 5936 Email
  • Jenny Moodley Spokesperson Johannesburg City Parks T: 011 712-6615/082 8030 748 Email:

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