Save Moffat Park

Standard Bank, CoJ, CalgroM3 want to convert Moffat Park into a housing development, what's next - rezoning Rhodes Park, Mellville Koppies, The Wilds?

Non-racial community based objection to:
  • Park Closure - Proposed permanent closure of ERF 1202 South Hills, etc, zoned as a public open space
  • Rezoning of ERF 1202 South Hills from "Public Open Space" to "Residential 1,3, etc"
  • Establishment of a township "South Hills Extension 2" on Klipriviersberg Estate
The region is commonly  known as "Moffat Park". The development is called "South Hills Extension 2".

22 Feb 2019:
Residents have started to take occupation of Phase 1 (Nephin Road)
Phase 2 (East Street) bulk works starting.

30 June 2017:
Construction on phase 1 (Nephin Road) has been ongoing for 18 months.

25 Feb 2015:
Appeal in terms of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance will take place on:
11 March 2015 at 09:15am
The site inspection will start at Linhill FC, and the hearing will be held at St Martins
You are welcome to attend.

11 Dec 2014:
Documents have been lodged related to the appeal.
Please donate via the Southern Civic Association donations website

20 Oct 2014:
We have received notification that the Rezoning and Township application was approved with some restrictions.
See Rezone Hearing for details.
We/you have the option to appeal these decisions.
Without funding we will not be able to appeal.
If anyone is willing and able to fund an appeal, please contact

1 Sept  2014:
Township Planning Committee (rezoning) hearing was held on 27 Aug 2014.
Was a long day from 9:30am to 16:30pm.
Southern Civic Association had representation by
St Martins had legal representation opposing the development.
Adv du Plessis represented Standard Bank and CalgroM3.
Phase 4 (Western, South Western) has issues due to RDL plants and requires permits from GDARD.
The committee will deliberate and issue a ruling in due course.
Thanks to all community members who attended the meeting and showed their objection.

17 July 2014:
We refer to the above-mentioned application and wish to advise:
That the Planning Committee hearing in respect of the application will be held on
Wednesday, 27th August 2014 at approximately 09:30 in 12TH FLOOR PLANNING

The hearing is public and all interested parties are requested to attend.

17 June 2014: Site inspection was held at Moffat Park.
The hearing was held at CoJ later on the 17th June.
The Southern Civic Association was represented by Patrick Mundell
The process comprises of 2 application
  • Removal of restrictive conditions / rezoning
  • Establishment of township application
The fist application was heard and a decision is pending.

Due to lack of notice to interested parties, the Establishment of township application, was postponed to a later date.
The CoJ needs to notify all registered objectors via registered mail.

We would like to thank all who showed their support for saving Moffat Park by attending the site inspection and hearing.

11 June 2014: Kabelo Nkhambula of CoJ has confirmed that the Site Inspection will start from Linhill FC at 9:30am on Tue 17 June 2014.
After the site visit, the hearing will take place in Planning Committee  Board Room, 12th Floor A-Block, Metro Center, Braamfontein.
The Hearing Agenda can be downloaded from Rezone Heading

9 June 2014: Morné Brits has conducted an independent inspection of Moffat Park and prepared a report on the endangered red listed plant species Khadia beswickii.
The report shows that the LEAP EIA failed to conduct a proper site survey.
The proposed development overlaps with the RLP.
The proposed development would destroy the RLP.
We have submitted the report to CoJ.

"This Red Data plant species occurs over most of the north western portion of Moffat Park, 
rendering the project development plans incorrect and invalid as far as the proposed protection of this species is concerned.

We are possibly looking at the largest extant population of this species anywhere

See EIA Khadia beswickii for Morné Brits report.

See for images of Khadia beswickii.
IUCN Red Listed Threatened Species lists Khadia beswickii as "Critically Endangered"
See South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) Red List for details of Khadia beswickii.

SITE INSPECTION AND HEARING: 17 JUNE 2014 at approximately 09:30
Hearing will take place on same day after site inspection
Additional hearing, if necessary will be on 19 JUNE 2014

See Township Objection Township Objection  10-Planning-Committee-Meeting-2014-06-17.pdf

16 April 2014 - CoJ, in reviewing the "Application for Establishment of Township" from Nov 2011, discovered that the wrong ordinance was originally used.
  • Nov 2011: Section 96(1) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance.
  • Apr 2014: Section 108(1) of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance.
making the original application legally invalid.

CalgroM3/CTE have to re-advertise (boards, newspaper, etc) using the correct ordinance.

We have the opportunity to re-submit / submit new Objections and/or Recommendations
I have submitted updated objections based on current information see Township Objection to download objection and submit your own.

Facebook: Concerned Residents of the South
Twitter: #StopMoffatParkDevelopment
Register for email / sms updates

"Johan Abram Moffat, a prominent architect, presented Lot D. Farm Klipriviersberg to the City for a Park,
and on 19 May 1936 the Council decided to give the park the donor's name" - Johannesburg Street Names Reference

26 Mar 2013: View advert for Johannesburg City Parks
Imagine living in a city with...
A natural park, combating the harmful side-effects of environmental degradation, giving the city lungs, and creating beautiful, healthy spaces for residents to enjoy.
You don't have to Imagine - Johannesburg has such a place - save Moffat Park

12 Mar 2013
: Thanks to all who attended the petition committee hearing at Eureka House.
The meeting was moved forward to 11:00am, so some of the public were unable to attend.
Councillor Motala chaired the meeting.
We presented our concerns and issues.  We also handed over printed and electronic copies of our concerns.
It was agreed that the petition and issues will be kept open.
A stakeholders meeting will be scheduled within 2 months wherein CoJ Legal will address our petition and concerns.

See Petition for details of the submission.

6 Mar 2013
: The MEC has upheld the appeal, and has referred the matter back to HoD.
MEC "I am also of the view that the proposed development may be allowed subject to the following conditions..."
See EIA Appeal for the MEC response.

25 Feb 2013: We've submitted comments to the MEC wrt LEAP/CalgroM3's appeal - see EIA Appeal

20 Jan 2013: We've been invited to attend a discussion on the petition:

The Petitions committee, officials and petitioners are scheduled to hold a Roundtable on petition No P88/11/12 on 12/03/2013 at Queen Modjadji Boardroom - Eureka House at 12H30.
"Objection to rezoning, subdivision, development and sale of Moffat Park, Portion 7 of farm Klipriviersberg No. 106 Erf 1202 South Hill."
It is customary to have the Ward Cllr and spokesperson for the petitioners, present.
Kindly communicate the above to the petitioners and it is hoped you will also be present.
Kind regards,
Steve Kotze: SMMC Petitions and Public Participation.

We've requested our lawyer to advise and attend.

3 Dec 2012: Petition feedback from CoJ - 5,445 signatures were collected in 4 weekends - Thanks to all who signed.
28 Nov 2012: Park closure objection has been lodged - see Park Closure.
26 Nov 2012: Appeal by LEAP/CalgroM3 against EIA RoD - see EIA
7 Nov 2012: Park closure notices - please object - see Park Closure.

5 Nov 2012: Good news, GDARD (Gauteng Department of Agriculture and Rural Development) has refused the environmental authorisation.

GAUT 002/11-12/E0042"

See EIA GDARD RoD for details
CalgroM3 intend appealing

17 Aug 2012: Sign the Save Moffat Park Petition - we have a table at The Glen, Outside MTN, Fri 17th 2pm-7pm, Sat 18th, 11am-5pm, Sun 19th 11am-2pm

15 May 2012: The 15th May meeting at Marist Brothers has been postponed - we are consulting with Marguerite Davis - environmental law attorney.
10 May 2012: Thank you to Radio Today and Flo Bird for hosting the discussion on Moffat Park.
To access the Podcast of the discussion go to

3 May 2012: Please listen to Radio Today (Medium Wave 1485 / DSTV Audio 167) on Tue 8th May 10:45 for a discussion on Moffat Park

Beautiful photo tribute to Moffat Park
by Julio Carrancho


EIA meeting was held Wed 28 March 2012, 18h00, Southern Suburbs Recreation Centre, 1A Berg Street, Rosettenville

A big thank you to all who helped organise the meeting.
A big thank you to all who attended.
There were over 400 people at the meeting (320 seated - I counted the chairs)
Please raise awareness with your neighbours - if you have any ideas or can help - please contact us.

Summary of Objections
 Number Objection Reason
Loss of community heritage park land
This is against the wishes of forefathers as expressed in the title deeds - "The land is to be used solely for the purposes of a public park" – Rezoning Moffat Park sets a very bad precedent, what's next - rezoning Rhodes Park, Mellville Koppies, The Wilds?

Moffat Park is used for hiking, mountain biking, camping, bird watching, etc, by residents of surrounding suburbs.
 2 Loss of park that serves the community for recreation with health and well-being benifits
Moffat Park is a good quality, accessible green space and provides many health and well-being benefits. The most significant of these can be grouped into three broad categories: (1) increased life expectancy and reduced health inequality; (2) improvements in levels of physical activity and health; (3) promotion of psychological health and mental well-being.  Associations have been found between access to green space and raised levels of physical activity, which in turn improves individuals’ health. Green spaces also have a beneficial impact on mental well-being and cognitive function.
 3 Loss of open natural, environmentally friendly green space with associated climate change impact
Moffat Park has an important role in supporting the adaptation of people who live in the surrounding suburbs and city to a changing climate.  It provides shade, cooling and wind interception and an insulation role in the winter. It also mitigates the risks from climate change-induced reductions in air and water quality; and it provides a buffer for habitats and species, whilst contributing to attainment of sustainable urban drainage and controlling upstream water flows to reduce flood risk. Effectively harnessed, Moffat Park has the potential for informing people about climate change. Moffat Park can also be used to promote an appreciation of the impacts of climate change and lifestyle changes needed to reduce further effects and/or to adapt to them.
 4 Loss of wildlife, bird life and habitats Ecological benefits of urban green infrastructure are largely related to the provision of habitat. Species from the very common to the very rare make use of all types of green areas like Moffat Park.
 5 Enhancing social cohesion
Moffat Park has the potential for enhancing social cohesion; it can bring people together, and can create community cohesion as different social groups engage with each other whilst making use of the park for recreation.
 6 The current plan’s educational facilities are inadequate to accommodate the children of 5,161
Schools in the surround are already over capacity
Tertiary education is non-existent
The proposal has educational facilities as part of phase 2
Educational facilities need to be built first to prevent event further over-crowing in surrounding schools.
The development must not start until educational facilities are built.
 7 The current plan does not sufficiently cater for public transportation provisioning
Public transportation in the south is currently very limited.
The proposed BRT, will not adequately cater for the high density development
Recommend Gautrain be provided to the South
 8 The development will have a negative effect on values of surrounding properties.
The current proposal of RDP/BNG/GAP units have values well below the values of surrounding suburbs (The Hill, Linmeyer) whose units which vary from R1m to over R2.5m. This will result in unit values being depressed in surrounding areas, and residents losing money in their most valuable investment.
 9 Lack of consultation
Tender was awarded 5 months before public participation
One poorly advertised and attended meeting was held
Requests for meetings have been ignored
Notices were placed in difficult to locate locations
Insufficient periods were provided for objections - only 28 days
 10 The current plan does not cater for rehabilitation of surrounding suburbs or community No investment is being made in uplifting existing suburbs. R1,356 Billion would be better spent uplifting suburbs like Welfare Park, South Hills, Moffat View, etc
 11 The current plan does not address the social and economic needs of the 5,161 families and surrounding suburbs.
The current plan for 5,161 units is 6.88x more dense than the surrounding suburbs.
This will result in overcrowding and unemployment, with unwelcome social and economic decline.
The increased density will have a detrimental social and economic effect on surrounding suburbs
 12 The current plan does not address the inadequate road infrastructure & traffic congestion already
experienced on arterial routes around Moffat Park.
The estimated +10,000 cars will result in significant congestion during peak hours on arterial routes. During peak hours, congestion already exists on cnr East / Southern Klipriversberg Roads During peak hours, congestion already exists on Vickers/Marjorie/M19 north all the way through to Heidelberg Rd into the city.
The traffic impact study was conducted during December/January - when roads are quiet.

  • See Templates for copies of formal objections
  • See Photo Gallery for photos of the park and surrounding areas
  • See History for background information on development
  • See Objections for details on how to object
  • See Contacts for details on how to contact us
  • See Map for map and photos of the area
  • See Attachments for scans of documents