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DATE: ___________________________

Dear Sir/Madam,

Letter of Objection: Removal of restrictive condition and simultaneous rezoning of ERF 1202 South Hills from “Public Open Space” to “Residential 1,2,3, Educational, Institutional, Public Road”

With reference to:
  • Notice place on Nephin Road
  • Documents relating to the development inspected at the 8th floor Metro Centre.
  • Deeds of Transfer (Title Deeds)
  • “ERF 1202 South Hills” is commonly know as “Moffat Park”

We would like to formally object to the Removal of restrictive condition and simultaneous rezoning of ERF 1202 SOUTH HILLS from “Public Open Space” to “Residential 1,3, Educational, Institutional, Public Road” on the following grounds:
  1. Loss of community heritage land - this is against the wishes of forefathers as expressed in the title deeds - "The land is to be used solely for the purposes of a public park" – see Page 3 section (a) and page 6 section (f) of the “Deeds of Transfer”.  Rezoning Moffat Park sets a very bad precedent, what's next - rezoning Rhodes Park, Mellville Koppies, The Wilds?
  1. Loss of park that serves the community for recreation with its associated health and well-being benefits.

Moffat Park is currently used for recreational activities such as walking, hiking, mountain biking, camping, cross country running, bird watching, etc, by residents of surrounding suburbs.

This development would result in reduction / loss of this facility that serves the community.

Moffat Park is a good quality, accessible green space and provides many health and well-being benefits. The most significant of these can be grouped into three broad categories: (1) increased life expectancy and reduced health inequality; (2) improvements in levels of physical activity and health; (3) promotion of psychological health and mental well-being.  Associations have been found between access to green space and raised levels of physical activity, which in turn improves individuals’ health. Green spaces also have a beneficial impact on mental well-being and cognitive function.

This re-zoning & development seeks to reduce one of the last remaining natural public open spaces in the South of Johannesburg.

  1. Loss of open natural, environmentally friendly green space and its associated climate change benefits.

Moffat Park has an important role in supporting the adaptation of people who live in the surrounding suburbs and city to a changing climate.  It provides shade, cooling and wind interception and an insulation role in the winter. It also mitigates the risks from climate change-induced reductions in air and water quality; and it provides a buffer for habitats and species, whilst contributing to attainment of sustainable urban drainage and controlling upstream water flows to reduce flood risk. Effectively harnessed, Moffat Park has the potential for informing people about climate change. Moffat Park can also be used to promote an appreciation of the impacts of climate change and lifestyle changes needed to reduce further effects and/or to adapt to them.

  1. Loss of Wildlife and habitats

Ecological benefits of urban green infrastructure are largely related to the provision of habitat. Species from the very common to the very rare make use of all types of green areas like Moffat Park.

  1. Moffat Park has the potential for enhancing social cohesion; it can bring people together, and can create community cohesion as different social groups engage with each other whilst making use of the park for recreation.

Based on the above, we feel that the re-zoning should be declined.

Our preference is that Moffat Park be converted to a nature conservancy.
The Environmental Impact Assessment indicated a number of "RED" species, and these should be preserved.

Further, we request that:
  1. Consultation takes place with the residents of the surrounding areas so we can contribute and express recommendations and concerns.
  2. Rehabilitation / upliftment of surrounding suburbs (Welfare Park, South Hills, Moffat View, Roseacre, etc) be undertaken.
  3. Social, economic, environmental, transportation and educational needs of the surrounding suburbs addressed.

We reserve the right to raise other matters and / or objections at a future date.

Yours faithfully,

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